Window Balance ID Service Help Part Identification, Repair or Shipping Services

We can help you figure out what type of balancing mechanism you need for your window with our window balance ID service. We offer help with free part ID services for any type of balance such as spiral, channel or heavy-duty balance types. You can send us in some pictures for identification services or have one of our team members come out on location (for properties located near Chicago) and give you an estimate on the repair services that are required.

Window Balance ID, Help & Identification

window balance id service

Our team can match and install (or ship out nationwide) several types of balance rods and components such as pivot shoes and pivot bar locking mechanisms. We have been identifying and shipping balance rods across the US for 15+ years and our team is highly trained in providing window balance id service and selecting the correct part for your current application. Look at your balance system and send in pictures via form for us to determine exactly what you need. Also take a tape measure across the size of the balance rod (for some we will need both length and width). We can repair balance systems in Chicago on location or send the correct part to your home across the US and Canada.

Window Balance ID Service

We ship out balance rods across the US and Canada, just use the form below to submit a good quality picture of your balance rods and we will figure out what you need. If we require additional pictures we will let you know in an email (give us a little time to review your pictures) we will call or email you back as soon as we can determine what you need. If you would rather us come out to check on your window and you live in or near Chicago, Illinois just give us a phone call for scheduling service and one of our glazing team members will arrive on location to provide you a no obligation, comprehensive quote for repair services in your area or window balance id service.

Balance rods can come in many different shapes, colors and styles and we will be glad to assist you in figuring out exactly what you need to fix your window. We have helped countless contractors, landlords, tenants and homeowners get the correct parts for there home windows. If you need a part that connects to the balance itself we can also assist you (provide us a picture) and give you a quote for either the repair services or shipping the part directly to your home. We have an experienced team that can figure out what type of hardware that you need to fix your damaged, broken, vandalized or cracked window parts.

Note: Local Repair Services Also Available (Chicago, Illinois)

We stock: Channel balances, tilt-in spiral balances, non-tilt spiral balances & can order larger system balances such as constant force and ultra-lift balances. Live in Chicago or the suburbs? Our team can come out and repair or replace the bad hardware on your windows give us a phone call for window balance id service!

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